The new String Bone single, 'Waitin' For My Dyin' Day, is a collab with producer George Leger III. This song hits hard from beat one and doesn't let up. It's intense and addictive...”
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String Bone and musician/producer Jay Riehl, team up for the latest offering, a catchy tongue-in-cheek country-blues ditty great for dancin' in the kitchen while doing the dishes or the housework.”


About the song A Lot More Better

Sometimes we blurt sayings out without remembering the actual phrase and we get the words a bit mixed up. Well this song’s seed came out of a night on the town at their local pub, Foster’s Inn in Stratford Ontario where Barry was having a drink and chatting with friends.

Pub favourite, employee Chris V, had signed off for the night and was sitting at the bar when the conversation turned to the hockey playoffs. Knowing the Penguins were behind 3-1 in their first round series, Payne asked Chris how his Penguins were doing, to which Chris replied loudly and emphatically, “they gotta do a lot more better!”.

Well, Payne snickered knowingly and then snuck that little nugget into his phone’s notes app to use for inspiration at a later date.

A few weeks later he wrote the main lyrics to the song, but never finished it until a few years later in a planned writing session with friend Jay Riehl in early November 2020.

He pulled out his lyric book and flipped to the page and started to laugh while re-reading over his lyrics from three years earlier. At which point Jay was asking, “what’s so funny”. Payne read the lyrics out load to Jay and the two of them were in hysterics and decided they had to put the song together. Three hours later they had pretty much everything done.

By the time Payne arrived home from the studio, Jay had sent a rough mix with guitar, drums, bass, piano, Payne’s lead ghost vocals from the writing session, which also became the vocals on the record, and BGs.

Payne said, “After listening to the rough, we were like, we gotta put this out. This is a fun song”. Payne attempted to record new vocals, but they just didn’t capture that easy, lazy feel he got laying down the initial melody and spark of an idea on the first session, so they kept the original vocal track.

“Carey Blackwell laid the guitar down a few weeks later, we got it mastered by my friend George in Las Vegas and now it’s out there in the universe and will live whatever life it’s supposed to live”, Payne said.

2020 Christmas single, 'Simple Love'.

2020 Christmas single, 'Simple Love'.

Called Simple Love, this is a thought-provoking song about the world of over-consumption in a time where greed now rules the day. The simple things in life have been lost to TV ads and shopping malls to the detriment of the middle class and the underpaid working class. Overlords wreak havoc on the earth and the mental health of the population while we sit by and consume more than we could ever need which further feeds their insatiable greed. Co-produced and recorded with Barry's long-time music college friend George Leger III in Las Vegas, this is another look at what's really important during the holidays.

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