String Bone Presents! has ceased operations...please read on.

Barry James Payne  Photo: Terry Manzo

Barry James Payne Photo: Terry Manzo

String Bone Presents! has ceased operations for the foreseeable future. Thanks to everyone who came out to support live music, we had NINE GREAT YEARS presenting over 100 shows small and intimate and some fairly good sized ones too!

Big THANKS to Craig Foster for getting things started with me on the first shows way back in Sept. 2009 and to Francis & Ruth at Monforte and Rob Wigan and Candice Sanderson-Wigan at Revival House for continuing to support my efforts through these nine years. You all rock.

To all of the artists who trusted me and blew us away with your amazing performances. There are too many to mention, but you all know who you are and I hope we cross paths again in the very near future. We had some great shows and we grew together.

To all of the folks who gave of their time, John Hazen, the late great Bill Gosling, Anne Keillor, Andrea BoswellMary-Lou SchagenaJulia Creech ElliotGlen Dias, Marc Boivert, Andrew Damen and many more - thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

For now, I need to focus more energies on my own music and will continue to perform in and out of town hopefully a lot more often, with Rant Maggie RantString Bone, Payne & Taylor, Allison Brown, Clara Lazarski and others. Keep an eye on for more immediate info and sign up to my mailing list below.

Thanks everyone, it's really been a blast and I will miss every aspect of it! AND I will miss all of you!

Big LOVE! xo

Barry James Payne
Artistic Director
String Bone Presents!

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